Welcome! Wealthprice is a web based educational platform that allows you to learn and earn in the same time. The concept is very simple: you learn by watching our educational videos and you write about what you have learned on your dedicated WealthPrice Blog you receive at registration. Your Wealthprice Blog has a set of banners attached, so that when someone reads your blog, clicks on the banners and signup to Wealthprice, you receive a commission.

Just by constantly creating quality content one your own automated WealthPrice Blog, not only you learn a lot of powerful things, but you also earn a lot of money!


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Welcome! I'm Vivian Vanatu and I am Co-founder and CEO at WealthPrice Network. I've discovered that the only way to truly live your life is by following your dreams and by pursuing your vision. Helping people build wealth is one of my dreams and that's why I'm here. I've been working in internet marketing since 2009 and in this period I had plenty of time to do my mistakes. I'm also passionate about technology and science and about financial education and personal development. I love to swim and to go out in the nature, I like music, I like good wine and to play with my kids. I hope we will spend some quality time here at WealthPrice and to help each other as much as we can.