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Hi and welcome to our WealthPrice Blog! You may wonder what's this WealthPrice all about. Huh? WealthPrice? The Price of Wealth? The price you need to pay to become wealthy. Sounds like corporatism!

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Feb 18, 2014

Be awesome!

Take a look around you at nature. Look on your window and watch nature for a while. What do you see?

Do you see any bored bird? Or perhaps any spiritless squirrel? No?

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Knowing and accepting yourself is the first step in becoming a good leader. If you don't get along with yourself, if you are not able to be a leader for yourself in the first place, you cannot be a great leader for others.

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You probably know the story of “training” fleas. Summarily, fleas are put in a box with a lid and they start jumping and hitting the lid. After a short debate, they decided not to jump so high anymore.

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Several days ago a friend of mine opened a soccer  school for kids. He went to a few schools from the neighborhood and directly advertised his business. Being the first day he asked me to watch the training and give him some feedback. The training went fine, but I've noticed that my friend the coach was a little anxious.

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Published in radu
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