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What’s More Important: Your Inside Or Your Outside? Featured

By Sep 02, 2013
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More and more people ask themselves: what is more important, your inside or your outside? Most of you will say that the most important is your inside. That’s good, your inside self should be more important than your outside self.

Inside or Outside

More and more people ask themselves: what is more important, your inside or your outside?

Most of you will say that the most important is your inside. That’s good, your inside self should be more important than your outside self.

But, there is a … "but"!

I believe that in the modern world both are important and everything starts from within.

You see, we often believe that if we say something, that thing will come true. We say that your inside it’s important, but what inside means? Let’s say you have only 10 dollars left for the next 2 days and you are facing a challenge. You are in a library and you find a book that you are searching for a while and you want that book very much. That book has the potential to change your life to better. But in the same time your stomach asks for food and tells you that is time for a meal.

Eating a meal will give you energy for a day but the book will give inspiration for the rest of your life and even feed you with energy. Which one of this two things will help you develop your inside the most? The book or eating a meal?

In this moment the opinions are divided into multiple sides and that’s why life is so wonderful, because it gives us options and it let’s us choose! (By the way, keep in mind that for any problem you may have there are always multiple solutions, multiple options and there is now right or wrong answer to any problem. There are only answers, multiple answers.)

Following a certain logic, the meal it’s more important because it addresses directly to your interior. The food goes into your stomach and the nutrients then go all over your body. The book is something exterior, it’s a material thing and we might not need it right now, as it’s not a basic need.

However, if we take in account the long term benefits, the things appear quite different. The food will disappear in a day or two. We might say that it actually produces something into exterior :-) . But the book, if we start reading and analyze it, and more important apply it into our life, it will become part of our inside world, as the ideas, teachings, knowledge and the emotions produces become part of our mind and of our inner world.

Maybe some of you will jump up and shout: “How the hell to buy a book with my last money if I am starving to death by tomorrow?!”

Maybe some of you will go to the library and buy that book that you wanted to buy from some time. Each one of you has right. Some will buy the book, others will eat the meal, while others will find a solution to get both of them. Personally I have choosen to buy the book in several cases and I believe that both options develop both the inside and the outside of ourselves.

There is a close relationship between inside and outside. Your inside cannot exist without your outside, as your outside cannot exist without your inside. When the inside ends, the outside starts. Because of that they are both influenced.

When it comes to personal development, we say that we must start with the inside, but isn’t that influencing our outside too?

If you want to change something in the outside world, you must start with yourself first, with your inside. If you change your inside, your exterior world will follow.

You cannot expect to change your outside world without doing nothing on your inside. You must be able to take action and do some things before you can expect different results in your outside world.

I’ve seen somebody that does what I am not yet doing but I want to do in the near future (examples are numerous all around us). Until we become aware about the fact that we need to change our inside first so that we can change something in our outside world, we will be guided about what we see, hear and feel from the outside world. We will be pushed and pulled by the outside world in all the directions without a clear purpose for our life and we will continue to wonder “What’s wrong with my life?”

It’s time to change that and reverse the process. It’s time to start developing our inside, our internal being, our supreme ego because that’s why we are born and that’s why we are taking this internal-external journey. Even the antique Chinese symbol yin-yang points to that philosophy.

“What’s on the inside it’s on the outside and what’s on the outside it’s on the outside.”

Do what you thing it’s best for you, but don’t forget that besides eating and reading, there are a lot of beautiful things to do that help develop your intellect.

Keep in mind that:

  • your inside determines your outside (what you think and do creates the results in your life)
  • your outside influences your inside (things happening around you influences your inside self)
  • if you are strong on the inside, outside things have little or no influence on your. That’s where you start influencing your exterior, more that the exterior influences you.

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Radu Grigore

Hi and welcome! I'm Radu Grigore and I am passionate by leadership. I owned several companies in the electrical equipment and industrial automotion field. In 2011 one of the companies ranked number one in the top of the companies with the same field of activity in Timis region of Romania.

I like to be a team player and I am a person focused on solutions. I believe there are some difficult moments when you don’t see a way out of that situation and you don’t know how it will end. In that moments you need to gather yourself, to remember that for any situation there is at least one solution, to ask for other oppinions, to see what you’ve probably didn’t seen. I’ve discovered that when you find a solution to a difficult problem, that moment becomes an "exaltation moment" and you feel an imense joy because you found a way out. That is the best time to celebrate with your team because that is an unique moment.

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