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Life is Poker: Why Life Is Like A Poker Game? Featured

By Aug 24, 2013
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There are a lot of phenomena and events that happen every day all around us, right in front of our eyes. If we just pay close attention to this messages that we receive we will certainly know what we should do next.

Let’s see some examples about what life and the poker games have in common.

Let’s take weather as an example. We all know that if there are several rainy days in a row, very soon the sun will come up. The same happens in our life, if we have a few bad days, we should now that good days are coming. Wouldn't be better to stay foot in those “rainy days” (days that we attracted in our life, but this is another story that I will write about very soon) and focus on the good days that will come.

How many of you do you know people that when they see a few clouds on the sky they already say: “Oh, I’m having a headache because of the bad weather, I think it’s gonna rain!”

Why we feel depressed when a few cloudy days come?

Why we do that, since we already know that after bad days come good days? We already established that sunny days come after cloudy days! We know that this is the circle of life, we know that this is the way things work, with good days and bad days, cold days and warm days, with the sun and with the moon, with day and with night. The hole world is based on contrasts, on Yin and Yang, on opposite and contrary forces that are interconnected. Things take life only when contrast is present.

Let’s go back to our poker game and see why life is poker. There are multiple versions of the poker game, just like there are multiple types of planets in the universe. The game I’m referring here is called Hold’em (or Texas Hold’em or holdem).

See Your Life As A Poker Game And Everything Will Become Clearer.

Life is like poker and here is why. Let’s start with dealing.

There is a poker table, which reminds us about the fact that we are people that live on planet earth and we have a common environment where we live our life. But each player sees his life from his spot, from his area and his environment. I am speaking here about the geographical area, their family, relatives and close friends, working area and living environment.

The players are sitting around the table and they see their cards, the ones on the flop, as well as the cards being dealt. Each player receives 2 cards at the beginning. Based on this cards and on their intuition they start to bet and hope they will win or they quit the game.

Life is like poker – when we arrive on this world we get a set of talents and abilities which we will use to make it and win this game of life.

Life is Poker, we all get some cards at the beginning of the game

There is also the guy that is dealing, also called Dealer, having the “D” letter as a mark. The role of the dealer is to watch what the players are doing and to give cards to the players when they want , but in certain conditions. You may make an analogy with God. Actually, in Romanian language the word for God is “Dumnezeu”, which also starts with D as in Dealer.

God also watches his “players”. God watches our wishes and gives us what we want, of course under certain conditions and circumstances, and this is the part that for some of us is hard to understand. God gives us what we want but he asks us for something in exchange. Don’t be afraid, as God don’t asks for impossible things, it only asks for emotions and feelings like happiness, joy, love, patience, forgiveness, thankfulness and gratitude.

Life is like poker, you may win the game with weak cards in your hand

Those of you that played poker before know that the player that has the best cards and the highest card wins. But in certain circumstances those that have the weakest cards may also win. If someone has weak cards but goes forward and bets a high stake, he may win the game even if he has weak cards. This is called “bluff”.

Why do you think others lose when someone is bluffing? Maybe because they are afraid to lose… Or maybe they are superstitious… Maybe they’ve got used to that player having only the best cards and expected him to win… Maybe a voice whispered in they ear STOP!

Life is poker, the poker game teaches us an important life lesson: someone may win even if he or she has weak cards.

If you get good cards at the beginning of the game, this doesn’t means you will win the game. Many players won the game starting with weak cards. You can get a 4 and a 5 and still make a Straight Flush, which is the second highest combination after Royal Flush.

Many players received weak card at the beginning, but during the game, the Dealer gave them “the right cards” to win the game. Having the best cards it’s not so important in poker (and in life), as having the right cards.

For instance you may have a 4 and a 5 on the same color. There is no use for you if you get a Queen, a King and an Ace of different colors. Those are high cards, but doesn’t help you win the game. If in exchange you receive a 6, a 7 and an 8 of the same color with your hand, you will definitely win, because you have a Straight Flush.

Having High Cards Is Not So Important, It’s Important To Have The Right Cards!

What I what to say is … it’s the same in the real life! The real life is like a poker game! It’s not so important what abilities and talents you are born with, because you can work on your talents and abilities and make a “winning hand”. Not always the one with most talents and abilities wins the game. You can always receive “right cards” from “The Dealer”, cards that complete what you already have.

All you have to do is to have trust in yourself and have trust in “The Dealer”. Don’t wait the perfect day to bet. Don’t wait to have two aces in your hand from beginning, because you might wait your entire life. There are a lot of people that started with the worst cards in the game of life and still they won the game.

The Conclusion:

We all play at the same table, with different cards and equal chances to win, no matter who you are, where you come from or where you are heading to!

And the most important thing is you are not alone. “The Dealer” can give you the card you aren’t even dreaming to get.

That’s why life is like a poker game. Life is poker.

Life is poker: Here are the rules of the game. The Poker Game.

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