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Life Lessons: Character is Inside, Brand Clothes are Outside Featured

By Oct 28, 2013
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You probably know the story of “training” fleas. Summarily, fleas are put in a box with a lid and they start jumping and hitting the lid. After a short debate, they decided not to jump so high anymore.

Basically, they do what they know how to do, to jump over and over again, but they don’t feel the pain of hitting the lid anymore. After a while the lid is removed and eve the fleas can now jump out of the box, they don’t do it because they were constrained to adapt to the new situation.

This rises the following question: are we in the same situation? How many times in our life we were constrained to jump at a lower level than we actually can?

Let’s remove the lid that limits our abilities and let’s jump as high as we can and get out of this box that until now we thought is ours. Maybe this is were “Outside the box” comes from.

In this summer I was with some friends at an Water Park that had many slides and water tunnels. There were some things happening there that gave me a lot to learn about life and character:

  1. The ideas others have influences us. A few of my friends that been there before told us not to go on the biggest slide because is the highest, the fastest and the most dangerous one.
  2. Is the parents love making us stronger or weaker? When we arrived at the Water Park, some of my friends that came with their kids, seeing the “gigantic” black slide, immediately started to give instructions to their kids not to go there because is very dangerous. I just wonder, those experts designing the water park did something wrong or... ?
  3. Are we a good example for our kids? As I said some of the parents decided not to go on that slide and because they weren't able to do that, they've expected their kids to do the same. Do children want to see a courageous parent that inspires them to be brave and have courage as well or they want a parent that negotiates that if they don’t go on that slide, they will buy them a nice toy, brand clothes or something they want, that will decrease their level of confidence? This toy will bring kids a temporary joy and after a while it will broke, it will get out of trend and that moment of joy will be forgotten  But that emotion caused by defeating our fear, the joy of leaping into the unknown, to overcome the idea that we are not ready to go on “the black slide”, that exaltation at the end of the race that we surpassed ourselves will be there forever and no one can take it from us. That emotion will live in us and it will develop in every day of our life. There will me moments in those kids lives where they will have to take tough decisions and that experience might help them. They can take crucial decisions based on that experience with the slide. They could say “I’l do it, because I also went on that slide and it was extraordinary! I have the courage to hit the lid one more time because I will be a winner!” 
  4. Start each day with what is most important and most difficult. Many people start their day by making the most unimportant and the most easy to do things. That also happened in our group at the water park, some created themselves a strategy to go on the easiest slides first and at the end to go on the highest one. But why accumulate so much fear and helplessness to overcome an obstacle?

I've taken my swimwear and my courage with me and I went first on “The Black Slide”. It was awesome and I've spent the rest of the day encouraging others to go on “The Black Slide” and I also went with them on the slide just get that feeling over and over again.

Of course, in life can appear more difficult situations than the ones in the water park but it must be treated correspondingly. Everyona should understand something from this short lesson and of course you shouldn’t jump headfirst in all situations, but in some cases the joy of life comes and stays with you forever only if you go on “The Black Slide”.

Winston Churchill said:

“Is very important to have courage; you can loose all your money, it’s bad, you can loose a friend, is worst, but if you loose your courage, you lost almost everything.”

Winston Churchill

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Radu Grigore

Hi and welcome! I'm Radu Grigore and I am passionate by leadership. I owned several companies in the electrical equipment and industrial automotion field. In 2011 one of the companies ranked number one in the top of the companies with the same field of activity in Timis region of Romania.

I like to be a team player and I am a person focused on solutions. I believe there are some difficult moments when you don’t see a way out of that situation and you don’t know how it will end. In that moments you need to gather yourself, to remember that for any situation there is at least one solution, to ask for other oppinions, to see what you’ve probably didn’t seen. I’ve discovered that when you find a solution to a difficult problem, that moment becomes an "exaltation moment" and you feel an imense joy because you found a way out. That is the best time to celebrate with your team because that is an unique moment.

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