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Mind, Soul, Body Featured

By Sep 10, 2013
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Ask a logical person, someone with a high education that accumulated a lot of information in his life which is the most important: The Mind, The Soul or The Body? They will most certainly tell you that The Mind is the most important.

Ask the same question to someone that had a lot of suffering in their life and now is a loving, forgiving and compassionate person and they will tell you that The Soul is the most important.

What you would think and athletic person will answer? It's quite possible that will answer The Body.

But why the left foot would be better than the right foot or conversely?

There are many articles, books, debates that state The Mind is more important than the Soul or The Body, or that The Body is more important than The Mind and The Soul.

I think this competitive thinking is in our disadvantage. If you think that some part of yourself is more important than other, you are basically in competition with yourself.

Our Creator made us as we are today.

"Let us make man in our image, after our likeness"

Genesis 1:26

Man is perfect as it is and this three elements, mind, soul, body together with every cell and molecule should be in harmony with each other. When we achieve balance, we can accomplish great things in our life. As a matter a fact, balance is the essence of life. Life emerged on earth because of balanced conditions available here. All the chemical and physical processes in the human body are in perfect balance and once the balance disrupted, the life is gone.

When you go out on a street and take a look at people you see diverse combinations of mind-soul-body, in different proportions. You may see someone that is highly intelligent but it's incapable of love and cannot climb a steep hill because of their poor physical abilities. You can see people in which The Body dominates their self. They look good but your ears are hurting when they open their mouth. You can see people that are highly spiritual, but they lack intelligence and their physical skills are close to zero.

There is a small effort required to put all three elements work for us, with very little expenses. Dedicating 30-40 minutes three or four times a week for your development it's not something impossible to do if you put in balance the benefits on the long term.

How to develop The Body:

  • Every journey starts with the first step. Start with a few light daily exercises, some jogging, some squats, a few crunches, some trekking up on a hill and you already started the journey towards a healthier body.
  • The second part is what you put into yourself: choose fruits, vegetables and a lot of water.  Maybe you've noticed that fruits and vegetables are cheaper than meet. That's another reason to reduce the meat in your diet :-)

What about The Mind?

  • First thing to to is to get it organized. Start reading, watching educative videos, go to seminars, start studying personal development, search over the internet on the topics you are interested in. Any bit of information that comes into your mind has the potential to stimulate it and make it grow. In this way you expand your horizon.

How do we heal The Soul?

  • Start observing how nature works. Nature is here for thousands and thousands of years and it works perfectly without our help.
  • Love yourself, learn to forgive, contemplate, meditate, connect with others at a more profound level to understand what is in their soul by active listening.

You will see that small things that you start to do daily will bring joy into your life and in time they will act like a snow ball.

We all deserve a  better life, lived in peace and harmony.
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Radu Grigore

Hi and welcome! I'm Radu Grigore and I am passionate by leadership. I owned several companies in the electrical equipment and industrial automotion field. In 2011 one of the companies ranked number one in the top of the companies with the same field of activity in Timis region of Romania.

I like to be a team player and I am a person focused on solutions. I believe there are some difficult moments when you don’t see a way out of that situation and you don’t know how it will end. In that moments you need to gather yourself, to remember that for any situation there is at least one solution, to ask for other oppinions, to see what you’ve probably didn’t seen. I’ve discovered that when you find a solution to a difficult problem, that moment becomes an "exaltation moment" and you feel an imense joy because you found a way out. That is the best time to celebrate with your team because that is an unique moment.

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