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Paradigm and Mindset Featured

By Aug 30, 2013
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A paradigm, mindset or groupthink is a set of ideas, assumptions, notations or methods well established in the mind of a group of people that influences their behavior and it’s hard to change.

Does paradigm influences your life?

What is a Paradigm (Mindset)?

No matter the state of development you are right now, you should always keep in mind the thoughts great people from past and present kept repeating and tried to implement in the minds of people:

“Everything in the Universe is abundant, it is enough for everyone”

I know it’s not easy to accept and your mind is intrigued by this idea, but that’s the reason I wrote this article and the reason it’s called “Paradigm and Mindset”.

Perhaps your inner voice says to you right now that this is not possible, you are living right now from one day to another, you have monthly bills to pay, you have debt to repay to bank, friends and neighbors. You don’t have the car you wanted, you don’t have the house you wanted, the vacation you want, and a lot of other things within that range, and here I am saying to you that everything is abundant! Your mind does not see the abundance and you might be puzzled about that idea. That’s your paradigm and your mindset and because of that paradigm, your mind cannot see the abundance.

We might get some help from the words of Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Changing A Paradigm

Your mind has been setup to see and to believe that in Universe there is scarcity and you need to fight hard to get whatever you want to get. This is a mindset. Now is the time to change that mindset, that paradigm. In churches you hear that God is love and wishes us all the good, gives us the Heaven. Then why don’t we allow this words to lead us, to achieve this fact?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7

Our mind is like a computer program. It’s like an executable file (do-now.exe). We’ve wrote a few lines in that program and our mind executes it over and over again. A line of program is a paradigm. Isn’t that simple? What we need to do from now on is to simply change the lines of the program and put some new lines there. You need to change the paradigm, the mindset. Write new lines of program with the things you want in your life and delete the old lines of program that didn’t got results. Execute the program, see what is happening and adapt the program and the paradigm by changing the program lines to get the things you want. This technique is called “feedback”. You make a small change in your life and watch the result. If it brings results, leave it there, if it doesn’t bring results, than delete it and make another change.

We introduce some information into our mind, practice them every day and watch what is happening into our lives after a while. If we don’t like what we get, we change the “input”, introduce different information and so on until we get what we want. That’s the way you change a paradigm.

Paradigm example

Here are some “lines of program” (paradigm or mindset) you should introduce into your mind to start changing the “output” and the results you get in your life:

  • Money come to me in abundance and without effort from my behalf
  • I attract huge amounts of money into my life, I’m like a money magnet
  • Everything that happens to my life, happens for a noble purpose
  • My soul mate is heading now towards me and we will encounter at the appropriate time
  • Obstacles in my life are opportunities for spiritual growth and development
  • I’m happier every day
  • I am calm and patient
  • I have a wonderful life with more joy and fulfillment
  • I have miracles in my life
  • I am surrounded by wonderful and wise people

All these statements can change our lives for the better if we repeat daily and with deep trust that what we say is happening. That’s the way life works. We must think and act in accordance with our claims. We must do what we say we do.

How it would be to say that you are a very calm person but at the first thing that went wrong to start yelling, arguing and making a lot of noise. It’s a mind-body relationship. First we tell the mind what to do and then we tell the body what to do and when both information got at their place, you will start to see results.

You will find many positive affirmations on the internet. Analyze and implement only those you feel are in accordance with your ideals. The statements you make about yourself as well as the ones you make about others determine who you are.

The claims you make about yourself have a huge force on you. You are exactly the person that drives those words. Start communicating with yourself, that’s the thing you should do next. You will certainly see the benefits of this programming.

Praise and encourage yourself, tell yourself that you are the most important person, but do this only for yourself, as people do not really care who you are and will not appreciate you more when you talk about your own self.

If you want to have good relationships with loved ones tell them that they are important in the relationship with you.

Negative paradigm

  • I can’t do that thing
  • I can’t earn more money
  • I never arrive in time
  • I can’t please my beloved one
  • I can’t travel in that place
  • I cannot change myself

Those statements are only paradigm, mindset and do not represent what we really are. We really are beings able to achieve miracles in our life.

We really are beings able to achieve miracles in our life.

Start to change your statements right away and your life will improve. This will not happen instantly, it takes some time, faith and effort to achieve it, but if you strongly believe and have faith in the fact that you can change yourself and this will work for you, you will succeed.

Positive paradigm

  • I will do this with great pleasure
  • I will earn more and more money
  • I will increase my income with x % each month
  • I can arrive in time
  • With all that I do, I am pleasing my partner
  • I will definitely visit that place
  • I am changing myself everyday.

In theory it is very simple. But in reality it will take some time. Old programs will still be executed for a certain period of time and this period depends on a lot of factors, such as your self confidence, the desire to make the change, the inner fight in delicate moments and The Jonah Complex (you will find about The Jonah Complex in the first part of our program, “Mind Expansion”), you will be tested but if you take one step at the time, if you grow from inside out, you will see the beauty of a life that is changed and that has nothing to compare with. To enhance your success, there are some things you can use such as emotions and imagination, but this will come in a future article.

Keep in mind that we are born winners!!!

We Are Born Winners!

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