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What is leadership - First leadership lesson Featured

By Oct 09, 2013
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Several days ago a friend of mine opened a soccer  school for kids. He went to a few schools from the neighborhood and directly advertised his business. Being the first day he asked me to watch the training and give him some feedback. The training went fine, but I've noticed that my friend the coach was a little anxious.

After the training we analyzed the facts. I praised him for the idea and for his initiative to gather kids to make sport in a world where kids are more attracted by PC games, tablets and phones. I also told him that he looked a little anxious.

He replied that he didn't expected so many people to come to his first training. He prepared to have 8-10 kids at his first lesson and they came double.

My advice was to grow his heart, so that he could include all 20 kids in it and to be grateful because they've came in such a big number.

What business person doesn't want this for his business: to expect 10 customers and get double?

It's not the case in our example, but there are many businesses that collapse because of this. Their leaders don't have the required skills to lead the business at that level for a long time.

Simply put, if you are used to having 10 customers a day and that's the level developed by your business, even if you will get 20 customers a day, you will not be able to maintain them and on a medium term you will end having only 10 clients a day.

This is also the first law of leadership taught by John Maxwell: The Law Of The Lid.

This law states that "The Leadership Ability Determines a Person’s Level of Effectiveness".

If you know the cause we can correct the result. If we want a better and bigger business, a more prosperous one, we need to improve our leadership skills and develop our leadership potential.

To be able to lead people it is necessary to be able to love them but the most important, to be able to lead yourself.

I've suggested to my friend, the soccer coach, that next time to be more flexible, to get out of the "box", encourage and praise them and to make some time to talk with each one of them, find them a place in his heart and to dream with them the moment when they will become great football players.

I will end this brief but significant step towards leadership with a quote by Armando Palacio Valdes

"Always do what your heart tells you to do and never be afraid that you are wrong"

Armando Palacio Valdes, Spanish novelist and critic

Good luck!
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Radu Grigore

Hi and welcome! I'm Radu Grigore and I am passionate by leadership. I owned several companies in the electrical equipment and industrial automotion field. In 2011 one of the companies ranked number one in the top of the companies with the same field of activity in Timis region of Romania.

I like to be a team player and I am a person focused on solutions. I believe there are some difficult moments when you don’t see a way out of that situation and you don’t know how it will end. In that moments you need to gather yourself, to remember that for any situation there is at least one solution, to ask for other oppinions, to see what you’ve probably didn’t seen. I’ve discovered that when you find a solution to a difficult problem, that moment becomes an "exaltation moment" and you feel an imense joy because you found a way out. That is the best time to celebrate with your team because that is an unique moment.

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