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Minimal Presentation Infographic - A Cool After Effects Template We Made for VideoHive Featured

By Jul 30, 2015
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Minimal Presentation Infographic is A Cool After Effects Template We Made for VideoHive

The idea with this short business presentation template was to create a preset project in which anyone who has some basic PC skills to create it-s own short business presentation video.

Minimal Presentation Infographic Template is very easy to use. Even if you are not familiar with After Effects you can creat in very little time a nice presentation of your business, company, product or website. The tutorial we created is very comprehensive and the template is organised so that you can change it and adapt it to your needs by doing very little modifications.

The Template is organized in 5 compositions. One of the compositions is the background, the other 4 are the scenes of the template:

  1. Logo intro
  2. Scene 1
  3. Scene 2
  4. Logo outro

Logo intro

Minimal Presentation Infographic Template Logo intro

Scene 1

Minimal Presentation Infographic Template Scene 1

Scene 2

Minimal Presentation Infographic Template Scene 2

Logo outro

Minimal Presentation Infographic Template Logo Outro

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