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The Facts and The Lies From Your Life Featured

By Aug 22, 2013
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Here are two lists of Facts and Lies that everyone of us can find in their life. "The Facts" are things that every human being that lives in the modern society needs. "The Facts" are things that cannot be changed too much.

Here are two lists of Facts and Lies that everyone of us can find in their life.

"The Facts" are things that every human being that lives in the modern society needs. "The Facts" are things that cannot be changed too much.

"The Lies" are facts presented as real by the society, but aren't so real. "The Lies" are basically things that society or some group of people make you know you need, but in reality you don't need them too much.

The Facts

  1. Happiness is the instinctual wish of each person and is right below the basic needs for survival, such as food, shelter and clothes. The human mind looks permanently for pleasure and avoids pain.
  2. We live in a society that is driven by money. All our basic needs, including quality water, are accessible to us only if we have money. No one gets what he needs for free. Even babies need to pay for their food and clothes. They don't pay directly and their parents pay for them, but still it's not free, someone needs to pay. We need to offer something in exchange for the goods we need and the exchange unit is called money.
  3. We all need love, which may take the form of attention, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance.
  4. We need our life to make sense. We must have a reason to work and live.
  5. Most of us need to get involved in an activity that brings income.
  6. The world is not a fair place. Even there are laws that condemn abuse, discrimination and theft, those laws are not available for everyone. There are misconceptions, injustice and favoritism everywhere.
  7. Jobs are no longer safe. You saw what happened in recent years worldwide and how many people have lost their jobs. Not to mention the fact that in many countries wages fail to cover basic necessities of a person.
  8. The retirement system is falling. Those to start contributing to this system, might have an unpleasant surprise after 30 years. Maybe 30 years from now we will still have a retirement system but the results generated by it will be insignificant according to our financial needs.

    I am sure you all know the formula for success (for most people). Here it is:

    40 x 40 x 40 = JOB

    The formula for success is called JOB and it requires you to work for 40 years for 40 hours a week and at the end you will receive a retirement wage that is equal with 40% of the last salary received.

    In case that you don't know JOB comes from Just Over Broke.

  9. If you don't take care of you, no one else will. If you rely only on what life brings to you, without you fighting for what you want, you will have an unpleasant surprise at the end. If you don't have a plan for your life, then you are part of someone else's plan and guess what he prepared for you: Not very much!
  10. There are many ways you can get money in your life. The most inefficient way to earn money is to work for money. You should not work for money, you should work for an idea or for something that you really like, but not for money.

The Lies

  1. If you learn and do well in school you will have a well paid job.

    The truth: Everything that schools teaches you is to become a good professional. School does not teaches you selling skills or how to manage money. More and more people are finishing higher education schools and the competition for well paid jobs is eager. There is no guarantee you will get a high paid job if you learn well in school. If you lack selling skills and self confidence, you will probably get a very poor job, despite you are a good professional. Besides, getting a well paid job does not make you rich.

  2. If you work hard you will have financial freedom.

    The truth: Working hard does not guarantee that you will achieve financial freedom, it only guarantees that you will become frustrated and exhausted. Working hard in the wrong system it only guarantees financial freedom of the owners of that system and not necessarily yours.

  3. If you stick to a job for your whole life, you will become financial independent.

    The truth: No one can guarantee that if you are loyal to a job, that will increase your income. In the last years, more and more people that were loyal to the companies they worked for, lost their jobs.

  4. Building your own business and working hard for it will eventually bring you the financial freedom.

    The truth: Building your own business is a great idea but you must be prepared to fail several times before you succeed. Only one out of 10 business will work, the rest will fail in the first year or even before you start it. So if you want to build your business, be prepared to build 10, so that 1 can remain standing and might bring you a substantial income. Also, you should know that traditional businesses become obsolete in the new age of information and technology.

  5. You need money to make money.

    The truth: that is a completely wrong information and unfortunately a lot of people believe that they cannot make a lot of money because they don't have money right now. There are a lot of people that started businesses with very little money, a lot of will and very little effort. Remember that everything will be like you plan it to be: if you think it's hard to earn a lot of money, than so it will be. Fortunately there are a lot of possibilities in the world today and it becomes easier and easier to earn large amounts of money.

  6. Putting your money in a bank or in mutual fund will bring you safety and financial freedom.

    The truth: Putting the money in a bank guarantees only that your money will lose value each day. Why? Because of inflation. Inflation in US at the beginning of 2013 was 3% while the maximum annual percentage yield was 2.25% at CD’s and a maximum of 0.40% at savings accounts. Each year you keep your money in a savings account you will lose 2.6% or 0.75% if you keep them in CD’s, without taking in account the bank commissions. Bank deposits are a good business only for the banks, but not for you, if you plan to make more money. (

  7. If you live cheap and save money you will become rich.

    The truth: the role of money is to allow you to live a quality life and bring joy to your life. If you are becoming cheap to save money, you will get use to being cheap and having money will not bring much joy in your life.

  8. Doesn't matter what you know, it matters who you know.

    The truth: if you are smart, you will end up very soon knowing very rich people that build their income on their own.

  9. It's very risky to have your own business and it's safer to have a job.

    The truth: Risk can be reduced if you have control of the situation. With a job, you don't have any control on your income. You can't increase your income and you can't choose when to pay the taxes. The only person that has control is your boss and he is the person that owns the business. If you get fired, you depend on other businesses to hire you. On the other hand, the job requirements are changing very fast today because the world is changing very fast. Jobs that are available today, become obsolete tomorrow. What you will do if you discover that your profession is not required anymore?

    If you learn how to build a business, you will not depend on others and you will learn how to get money without working for money.

    It's like driving a car. It's risky if you don't know how to drive, but if you learn how to drive, the risk is greatly reduced. What do you prefer, to learn how to drive a car or to go with a bike for the rest of your life. You know, it might be even riskier to ride a bike, as you are less protected.

  10. It is extremely risky to start a business today because the economy is very bad and nothing seems to work anymore.

    The truth: this is the biggest lie on the market today. Some of people will always win, no matter how bad is the economy. Other people will always lose, no matter how good the economy is. A bad economy has nothing to do with your success if you know what you are doing. If you rely on chance in building your business, a bad economy will kill your business.

From "Mind Expansion - 1st part of WealthPrice® Courses"

Can you identify other Facts or Lies in your life? Leave a comment and let us now what are you thinking of!

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